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Definition of Terms

THE NETWORK: A group of petroleum marketing companies (network participants) who, through written agreements, follow certain policies allowing their customers to use the sites of other participants, and vice-versa.

PARTICIPANT: Member of the CFN network that provides a customer base and fueling locations to the network.

SITE: A Cardlock and/or POS Retail facility operated by any participant in the network.

DOMESTIC TRANSACTION: A transaction at your site by your customer that communicates with the CFN authorization host for authorization.

FOREIGN TRANSACTION: A transaction by another participant’s customer at your site that communicates with the CFN authorization host for authorization.

REMOTE TRANSACTION: A transaction by your customer at another participant’s site. This same transaction would be considered “foreign” to that other participant.

WebNCC: Internet access to CFN Network systems to control accounts, cards and generate reports.


Authorization Host – The computer operated by CFN to authorize or deny transactions as cards are swiped at CFN sites to request fuel purchases.

Accounting Host – The computer operated by CFN, which is responsible for taxing, pricing and communicating a participant’s transactions to a participant’s computer.

Internet Host – The system responsible for maintaining an environment whereas participants can view transactions and download transactions in real time. Also responsible for maintaining participant specific information, general CFN news, company profile and directions to CFN sites.