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Each participant continues to operate their site(s) as an independent marketer; establishing their own pricing structure, marketing plan, and distribution of cards. Each site in the network has, in addition to the participant’s signage, a common, network-wide sign and dispenser identification.
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All participants’ customers have the ability to use the sites of all other participants. When using a CFN FleetWide card, customers have the ability to use Fuelman sites and the CFN Network. Therefore, all participants greatly extend their marketing area and convenience to their customers.

Participants bill their own customers for purchases throughout the network. Individual customers of each participant are treated as such, and are not customers of CFN.

Participants designate the closest supply terminal to each of their sites and receive a freight allowance based on the distance between the two. CFN receives the Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) average rack price for each of these designated terminals daily.