How We Work

CFN provides fuel card authorization, transaction processing, cardlock site branding, and reciprocal site access for independent Petroleum Marketers.

As a reciprocal network, CFN enables you to purchase fuel from other CFN Marketers when your customers fuel at their locations. Conversely, you sell fuel to other CFN Marketers when their customers fuel at your sites. Transfer payments for fuel exchanged on the network occur every 10 days. The reciprocal exchange of products with other Marketers allows you to sell a branded fuel card accepted at CFN sites nationwide.

There are five types of CFN fuel transactions.

Domestic Transaction
Your Customer, using your card at your Location

  • You set the fuel price
  • You market your sites as being part of the CFN network

Remote In-network Transaction
Your Customer at another CFN Location

  • You set the fuel price
  • More sites = more volume

Remote Extended (Fuelman) Network Transaction
Your Customer at a Fuelman Location

  • Margin based on a percentage of the retail fuel price
  • Provides your customers access to over 65,000 retail locations nationwide

Foreign Transaction
A CFN Customer of another CFN Marketer at Your Location

  • You receive $0.09 per gallon
  • No credit to carry
  • No billing to administer
  • More customers = more volume

Third-Party Card Transaction
In addition to the CFN FleetWide card and CFN PAY mobile payment app, as a CFN Marketer your cardlock sites accept all major fleet credit cards – Comdata, Comdata MasterCard, WEX, FleetOne, EFS, TCH, and T-Chek.

  • Margin based on the retail spread between the wholesale and retail prices in the market area where your site is located
  • No credit to carry
  • No billing to administer
  • More customers = more volume