Why Us

CFN is a recognized leader in commercial fueling. With over 2,000 locations – and over 1.9 million fuel cards in the marketplace – CFN is revered by small and large commercial fleets for quick, convenient and hassle free cardlock fueling.

For more than 35 years, CFN has established itself as a leader in providing Marketers and their fleet customers the best in security, accuracy and technology. CFN is currently focused on growing in key markets throughout the United States and Canada.

By joining the CFN network, you align yourself with a leading commercial fuel card and branded cardlock network.

To be profitable in today’s economy, businesses must keep a watchful eye on every expense. The CFN Commercial Fueling Network® offers fleet managers and business owners a level of purchase controls, site access, and security that is unparalleled in the industry.

CFN gives you – as an independent Petroleum Marketer – the opportunity to offer your customers a branded fuel card that provides nationwide acceptance. CFN cards can be used at any CFN or Fuelman site across the U.S.

Maintain complete control and build fuel sales
As a CFN Marketer, you have complete control of your customer portfolio. You set the fuel price at your sites and, when your customers use other sites on the CFN network. You also make money when any of the over 1.9 million CFN cardholders fuels at one of your locations.

Nationally recognized brand
CFN is a nationally recognized brand and a market leader in cardlock fueling. Our innovative approach to customer engagement and commercial fueling continues a long history of industry success coupled with a consistent networkwide offering.

CFN’s brand recognition provides your business a gateway to existing and prospective customers.