Site Types

CFN works hard to maintain the integrity of the network and the coverage it provides for our cardholders. We are always looking for new locations and great Marketers to grow with!

Plus, CFN gives you the opportunity to co-brand your retail sites as CFN under our CFNNET program. This gives you the ability to expand your proprietary network of CFN sites and have more Domestic transactions.

CFN Cardlock Network Site – A CFN Cardlock Network Site is a commercial automated fueling location which has been approved by CFN through the site registration process. CFN Cardlock sites accept all valid CFN FleetWide, CFN PAY digital cards and 3rd Party cards, and process transactions through CFN approved point-of-sale (POS) equipment.

CFNNET Site – A CFNNET site is a retail fueling location owned and operated, or exclusively supplied by a CFN Marketer. CFN approves such sites through the site registration process. Fuel and related products can be purchased at these sites using the CFN FleetWide card and settled through the CFN Network. A site must be Fuelman accepting before it can be added as a CFNNET site.

CFN Ghost Site – A CFN Ghost Site is a Cardlock site approved through the site registration process. CFN Ghost Sites only accept valid CFN cards issued by the Marketer to which the site is registered.

CFN Private (Captive) Site – A CFN Private Site is a Cardlock site CFN approved through the site registration process. This site is also referred to as “Captive”. CFN Private Sites are not open to the public and provide for private use by a single customer’s CFN cards on private property. Private or Captive sites are primarily for the purpose of servicing governmental accounts or large commercial accounts with onsite fueling facilities.

Extended Network Site – An Extended Network Site is a retail fueling station that sells fuel to the public through an electronic point-of-sale system that is connected to the Fuelman Network.