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Execute a Mutual Access Agreement

A Mutual Access Agreement will be provided by your CFN Account Manager.

CFN Site Proposal & Site Registration Form

If you have more than one site to submit, simply enter your company information where applicable and save, then fill in each site’s individual information separately. (*If you have more than one site controller located at the same site, please use one form for each controller.)


Site Location Information Form

This form will be used for our CFN Map & Service Directory, CFN Location Listings and the CFN website. Please be as accurate and detailed as possible. (*Written directions are required in this form.)


Site Layout Information Form

Only required for cardlock sites and sites with dedicated commercial fueling or truck islands.


Photo Reference Sheet

Required for ALL new sites; even if construction has not started on your site, or if it is still under construction. Please submit photos of the property as well as the site layout. The Selection Committee will also require you to submit photos once renovation or construction is completed. (*All photos must be submitted in .jpg format.)


CFNnet Product Order Form

Please fill out the product order form if you need to order equipment through CFN and email it to the CFN Help Desk at

Note: Each site registration must be accompanied by a check. If your site is not approved, the check will be returned.

Registration Fees:
Cardlock …………………………… $500.00/per site (does not include signs)
CFNnet (POS) ……………….. $500.00/per site (does not include signs)
Branded Settlement …. $100.00/per site
Site Transfer …………………… $300.00/per site

#1 – Scan the documents and email to:
CFN Help Desk

#2 – Remit a check with appropriate fees and completed documents to:
Site Transition Coordinator
P.O. BOX 536722
ATLANTA, GA 30353-6772

*If you cannot obtain a printable version of the forms listed above, please contact the Site Transition Coordinator at (800) 899-2236


Tips for Site Approval:

Completing all the information on the forms and sending a complete Site Registration Packet will expedite the decision process.

You should include any other pertinent information in a cover letter to the Selection Committee. Please indicate other CFN locations around your proposed site. Submitting any incorrect site registration information could result in a delay in the site approval process. No site approval or equipment authorization will be given without being reviewed and approved by the Selection Committee.

* The Selection Committee meets approximately twice a month. You will be notified of their decision in writing.

Upon Site Approval:

A CFN site number will be assigned. CFN, at its sole discretion, may accept or deny any site proposal from inclusion in the CFN network, and shall have no liability of any kind for its decision. CFN authorizes participants to use the encoded format on the access card only at CFN approved sites.

Approval Extension Policy:

Site approval is valid for 120 days. Within that time frame, the site is expected to go live on the network. If there are any delays, please notify the Site Transition Coordinator in writing by mail or via fax within 120 days with a brief progress report, which must specify how much additional time is needed. After 120 days your approval will become invalid. If your site registration becomes invalid or is cancelled, it will be necessary for you to reapply and repeat the process. If you repeat the approval process, you will need to submit an additional check.

Bringing a Site Live (After Approval)

NOTE:** For new participants, please confirm Web accessibility with our Helpdesk, prior to bringing a site live. Contact Number: 877.672.7968. CFN sites must have a dedicated telephone line for dial sites. CFN recommends using Internet Connectivity (IP) from your site to the CFN Host for greater reliability and quicker response time. (*Please contact Helpdesk for further details.)

Bringing a CFNnet (POS) Site Live

If you have Gilbarco or Verifone equipment, contact your vendor to confirm the Key Disk (G-Site) or Verifone Ruby Card is installed. You will need the proprietary interface to accept the CFN card. Call CFN Helpdesk at the toll free number 800.899.2236 to make an appointment 24 hours prior to the site go live. Once the equipment is installed and communication is configured:

a) Request Helpdesk to provide your version of the Terminal Download Procedures for your equipment type.

b) If you have a Ruby, G-Site or Wayne Nuclear terminal, confirm with the Helpdesk that the site is live and products are properly mapped prior to testing. (*This step ensures that your site will be announced and published in Map & Service Directories, Location Listings, and CFN website.

c) If you have a Counter Top terminal, ask the Helpdesk to initiate a transaction directly on the site go live date.

Bringing a Network (Cardlock) Site Live

CFN recommends, when possible, to use Internet Connectivity (IP) or satellite (VSAT) connectivity from your site to the CFN Host for greater reliability and quicker response time. Contact your equipment vendor to order the latest software version compatible with CFN.

Once equipment and communication is installed, call CFN Helpdesk 800.899.2236 to make an appointment 24 hours prior to the site go live. On appointment date, initiate a transaction then call the CFN Helpdesk to confirm site is live.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Site Transition Coordinator via email at, or call Paul at  800.899.2236. Signage (Not applicable to Ghost or Private Sites) Minimum of two 2’x3’ double sided signs. CFN encourages Participants to also purchase illuminated signs. Alternative custom designed signage not purchased from CFN must be approved by CFN in writing. CFN reserves the right to require Participant to remove unauthorized signage or deem site to be non-compliant. Signs must be visible to traffic from all directions.

Please log into the Member Store for CFN Signage Pricing options. (*CFN Signs pricing are subject to change at any time.) If you have questions about signs, please contact Erica Macario via email: